Star Wars Force and Destiny: Nexus of Power

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4/25/2016 – Feel for the game:

  1. Investigation and mystery solving
  2. Social interactions (confrontational, persuasive, leadership)
  3. Exploration, discovery, and the unknown
  4. Political situations, dealing with leaders and rulers
  5. High Action” (chases, bar fights, etc.)
  6. Combat (many small fights, “boss” battles, mass combat)
  7. Infiltration and stealth action
  8. Being heroes vs. being mercenaries vs. being duty-bound
  9. Capers, heists, and other “crime” elements
  10. Having a home base vs. campaign on the road
  11. Interacting with history and historical elements
  12. Responsibility, accountability, repercussions for their actions
  13. Fame, glory, notoriety, acknowledgement
  14. Lone-wolf action vs. team dynamics
  15. Any sort of favorite enemies or the use of a theme enemy

What are your top 3 favorites?

Andreas Vu: 12, 4, 5
Melvin Marple: 3, 8, 11
Heidi Morey: 9, 12, 15

What are your least favorite 3?

Andreas Vu: 8, 10, 14
Melvin Marple: 4, 9, 13
Heidi Morey: 6, 10, 11

Nexus of Power

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